The Sith Order is an ancient cult that uses the Dark Side of the Force. The Sith Lords are masters of alchemy and illusion. Once unknown millennia ago, they were Jedi of the Old Republic, brothers in the Force, but the Great Schism between the Dark Side and the Light turned Jedi against Jedi. Driven off, exiled, the former Jedi fled to the far side of the galaxy, finding the Sith race. The Sith race, who worshiped them as gods, were subjugated under their new Sith Lords, with a single Dark Lord of the Sith as ruler of the Sith Empire. After many centuries, the Sith empire grew into a vast, rich realm. That was the Golden Age of the Sith...until Naga Sadow tried to conquer the Republic and add it to the Sith empire. Sadow's invasion was defeated, but at great cost to both sides, and the Sith empire fell into disarray and all but vanished . . . until Exar Kun rediscovered it.

Not all Dark Side Force users are Sith followers; the Force is omnipresent while the Sith are only one following of the dark side, albeit one of the more more powerful and well known.

Here are a few of the Sith Lords that have made their mark over the past 5,000 years. Many of them were Dark Lords of the Sith, but others were followers or allies of the Dark Lords.


Marka Ragnos (Dark Lord of the Sith)

Ragnos led the Sith Empire for over 100 years. After he was killed, two other Sith followers wanted to be the next Dark Lord of the Sith, Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow. So the two Sith Lords fought. However, their battle was interrupted when the spirit of Marka Ragnos appeared before them. He told the two Sith that this was the "Golden Age" and told them that their actions might bring down the Sith Empire.



Naga SadowNaga Sadow (Dark Lord of the Sith)

He ruled approximately a thousand years before the time of Exar Kun. A member of an elite priesthood of pure Sith blood. At the funeral of the previous Dark Lord of the Sith, Sadow challenged his arch-rival, Ludo Kressh, for the title of the next Dark Lord. Sadow felt the Sith Empire was stagnant and should expand its territory, while Kressh wanted a more isolationist approach to governing the Sith Empire. The duel was interrupted by the arrival of Gav and Jori Daragon, unlucky explorers that hyperspaced to the wrong place. Kressh wanted them executed as precursors to an invasion, but Sadow saw it as an opportunity to expand the Sith Empire.

Gav and Jori waited in their cells, sentenced to be executed, despairing . . . not realizing that they had become pawns of a Sith Lord. With his fierce loyal Massassi warriors, Naga Sadow secretly stole strange Republic weaponry from Gav and Jori's impounded ship, Starbreaker 12, and staged a commando raid to free the prisoners, killing a prominent Sith Lord in the process. Sadow whisked them off to his private fortress. The Sith Lords were thrown into an uproar, seeing the weapons, the evidence, and assuming they had been attacked by Republic forces. In turmoil, they turned to Naga Sadow for leadership and named him the new Dark Lord of the Sith.

Outraged, Ludo Kressh stormed off, taking his supporters with him. Discovering Sadow's trickery, Kressh mounted an armed rebellion against the evil Dark Lord, vowing to fight to save the Sith Empire from Sadow's reckless plans. While attacking Sadow's decoy fortress on Khar Shian, Kressh had inadvertently waltzed into an ambush set by the Dark Lord. With Ludo Kressh out of the way, Naga Sadow rallied all the Sith Lords for the coming conquest. During Kressh's attack, Sadow had tricked Jori into fleeing back to the Republic without her brother, who was being held elsewhere, and with a hidden homing beacon led Naga Sadow right to the Republic. He began teaching the Force-sensitive Gav Sith magic, and later gave him command of the Sith invasion fleet; Sadow himself would watch the battle from his meditation sphere orbiting Primus Goluud, where he used forbidden Sith magic to rally his forces and create the illusion of a more massive invasion force than it actually was. But Gav could not stand being the commander causing all the death and destruction, and instead attacked Sadow himself.

With his meditation sphere damaged, his Massassi armies began losing, and the Republic fleet set out to hunt down Sadow. Causing the Primus Goluud star to explode, Sadow tried to hide his escape back to the Sith Empire. In Sadow's absence, Ludo Kressh retook control of the Sith Empire and had his fleet waiting for Sadow's return. But Kressh's fleet was still no match for Sadow's already depleted fleet. Just as Sadow destroyed Kressh's ship, and Ludo Kressh with it, the Republic fleet arrived, led there by Jori. He escaped across the galaxy, engaging Republic gunships in a cataclysmic battle at the Denarii Nova. Eventually, he and his followers ended up on Yavin Four, with his followers devolving into the primitive Massassi warriors over the centuries.


Massassi CreaturesMassassi Beast

Once the elite enforcers of Sith warriors, these fierce creatures were mutated by Naga Sadow so that they were more fearsome guardians of the Sith Temples that he and later Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun forced them to build. The Massassi were killed by Exar Kun in one final sacrifice allowing Kun to entomb his spirit in a Sith Temple. The Massassi left a creature known as the Night Beast to protect their territory.



Ulic Quel-DromaUlic Qel-Droma
Ulic was originally apprenticed by Jedi Master Arca Jeth of Arkania. Along with his brother, Cay Qel-Droma, and the Twi'lek Tott Doneeta their first mission as Jedi Knights was to bring peace to the planet of Onderon. They managed to end the centuries-old civil war between the Beast-warriors and the inhabitants of the city of Iziz. They also put down the Freedon Nadd uprising. While infiltrating the Krath, Satal Keto learned of Ulic's plan and tried to kill him. But instead Ulic killed Satal with anger that was heightened by a Sith poison Satal injected into him.

In the first confrontation between Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun, the spirits of past Dark Lords of the Sith interceded in the fight and declared Kun the new Dark Lord and Ulic his apprentice. From then on, he and Kun joined forces and, along with Aleema, Satal Keto's cousin who was in love with Ulic, and Mandalore, they began what would later be known as the Sith War. During the aborted assault on Coruscant, Aleema betrayed Ulic and left him to be captured by the Jedi. Ulic was to be tried for treason against the Republic but was rescued by Exar Kun during the trial. In return for her betrayal, Ulic sent unsuspecting Aleema on a mission that would end in a massive supernova set off by her Sith magic, destroying her and the nearby planet Ossus.

During this time his brother Cay had been trying to convince Ulic to end his mission and return to the Light Side. But that came to and end when in a fit of Dark Side anger Ulic killed his own brother, and then fell into shock after realizing what he had done. Upon witnessing this, Nomi Sunrider, Ulic's ex-love, used a Jedi power taught to her by master Odan-Urr and imprisoned Ulic in a wall of Light, making him blind to the Force. With no connection to the Force, Light or Dark, Ulic realized his faults and began his redemption by leading the Jedi to Yavin 4 so they could destroy Exar Kun.


Exar KunExar Kun (Dark Lord of the Sith)

Exar was apprenticed to Master Vodo-Siosk Baas. Kun was seduced by the Dark Side and drawn to the planet Korriban, where the spirit of Freedon Nadd enticed him to let the dark powers of the Sith enter him. On Yavin Four, he discovered ancient Sith temples guarded by the Massassi, whom he eventually subdued. He confronted Master Odan-Urr in the library of Ossus, and after killing him, took the Sith Holocron in order to further his dark powers.

With the help of Ulic Quel-Droma, the Krath illusionist Aleema, and the warlord Mandalore, they built up an army that rivaled the Republic's own. While Ulic and Mandalore waged a huge military battle against Republic outposts, shipyards, and eventually Coruscant itself, Kun was busy seducing other Jedi trainees to the Dark Side to do his bidding. With his new Sith initiates, Kun waged a war against what he called the "aging and outdated Jedi Masters." He sent the initiates to kill their old Jedi Masters.

During the attack on Coruscant, Ulic was captured but, in the middle of his trial, he was rescued by Kun and Mandalore as they barged into the courtroom filled with thousands of Jedi that were immobilized by Kun's Sith spell. During the rescue, Exar Kun killed his old master Vodo-Siosk Baas. Exar Kun later sent Aleema to Kemplex Nine with the intent to ambush the Republic/Jedi forces using an ancient Sith superweapon that was aboard Naga Sadow's ship. The weapon tore the core of a sun in the Cron Cluster and hurled it at the Republic fleet, but also caused the star to supernova, destroying everything in the system including the Great Jedi Library on Ossus. The war ended with all the Jedi banding together and laying waste to most of Yavin IV, but not before Exar Kun absorbed the life-energies of the entire Massassi race to entomb his spirit in a Sith Temple.

Four thousand years later, Luke Skywalker established his Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, Kun's spirit again makes his bid for galaxy domination by attempting to sway Luke's new trainees to the Dark Side. Exar Kun almost succeeded, but Luke, the new Jedi trainees, and the spirit of Master Bodo Baas banded together to destroy Kun's spirit forever.



Though he conquered a planet, which now bears his name, he was defeated at Harkful Plains by Ulic Quel-Droma during a forced confrontation. The fight left him the slave of Ulic, so he and his commando followers joined Droma and Kun and started the Sith War in an attempt to reshape the galaxy into a new Golden Age for the Sith.



Freedon NaddFreedon Nadd (Dark Jedi)

Before the Sith War, Freedon Nadd reigned as a Dark Jedi. He apprenticed himself to a Dark Lord of the Sith, but could not become one with his master still living. He brought his power to the planet Onderon and there ruled for years. After he died, he was entombed in Iziz. After a large force of Jedi eventually made peace on Onderon, his sarcophagus was moved to the more secure moon of Dxun. Jedi Exar Kun reawakened Nadd's spirit, which helped him discover hidden Sith scrolls, which led him to Korriban, site of the mummified remains of many Sith Lords. Nadd's spirit reappeared and destroyed huge crystals that had held the trapped spirits of ancient Jedi who had opposed the Sith; he also brought Kun close to death, forcing the confused Jedi to accept the dark side of the Force. Later, Kun turned a powerful amulet against Nadd's spirit and destroyed it forever.


Darth Bane (Dark Lord of the Sith)
The great Darth Bane has recently been discovered among the Sith Archives. Details are sketchy, and his image has not yet been discovered. But, some facts have been found. Darth Bane was a wise Dark Jedi and knew that patience, cunning, stealth, and subterfuge were great virtues. Thus, whilst the Sith Wars were raging on, Darth Bane stood aside and lay in concealment, waiting until the time was right. Soon, the number of Sith dwindled greatly and the Jedi took advantage of this and pounced upon each individual Dark Jedi, cleaning up after the carnage. Soon, there was no one left, embracing the Dark Side of the Force. Or so they thought. Soon after the Jedi had proclaimed the death of the Sith, Darth Bane came out of hiding. Since all of his colleagues were destroyed, he declared himself the Dark Lord of Sith and a new Order of Sith. This new order was designed to sustain Sith throughout millennia, having only two Dark Lords of Sith at a time: a Master and an Apprentice. Thus, there would be no inner conflict and they, the Sith, would be able to abide their time until they were able to fight back against the Jedi, whom he proclaimed the true enemy; not fellow Sith. And thus, Darth Bane created a New Order and helped sustain the Sith throughout the years.



Darth Maul (Sidious' APPRENTICE)
Darth Maul's identity has been very concealed, only letting small tidbits leak into mainstream knowledge. What is thought to be is that he is a Sith Apprentice to Darth Sidious. His main mission has been to find and eradicate Queen Amidala. He is a great example of a Sith, powerful, fearless, ruthless, and loyal to his master. His downfall, however, is carried out during an epic duel with Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, he was not destroyed by Obi-Wan soon enough, allowing him to kill Kenobi's dear friend and master, Qui-Gon.


Darth Sidious (Dark Lord of the Sith)

Darth Sidious was Senator (now Supreme Chancellor) Palpatine in a disguise. At this stage, he is still a force user, but is not as powerful as he will soon become. His apprentice was Darth Maul.




Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine
Once a Senator of the Old Republic, he appeared quiet and unassuming, a colorless man lacking in ambition and guile who had remained apart from the corruption infecting the government. However, when the Old Republic fell, he saw his chance to power, so he grasped it. He built an Empire based on tyranny, hatred of non-humans, brutal and lethal force, and, above all else, constant fear.

Palpatine eliminated his oppositions throughout the galaxy and diverted funds from social, artistic, and other programs into a massive military buildup devoted to subjugating entire star systems. He sent Lord Vader on a mission to exterminate all living Jedi, a mission in which Vader nearly carried out totally. He eventually fashioned his Empire so that it couldn't exist successfully without his ruling.

To live for such a long time, he conducted cloning experiments; his primary goal with the experiments was to transfer his very essence and spirit into a younger version of himself. After 4 decades, the Empire was halted when the Emperor was killed. He was sitting in his Second Death Star Throne Room, enjoying the duel between Vader and Luke Skywalker. Luke cut off Vader's hand, incapacitating him. However, the young Jedi could not strike down his father, and turned off his lightsaber. Frustrated with Luke's lack of Anger and Aggression, Palpatine sent Force lightning into Skywalker, slowly killing him. At the sight of his son being killed, Vader transformed back into Anakin Skywalker. With his last bit of strength, Anakin picked up Emperor Palpatine and threw him into the shaft of the station's power core just before the Death Star was blown up by the Rebels.


Darth VaderDarth Vader (Dark Lord of the Sith)
Born Anakin Skywalker, son of Shmi Skywalker, he was a talented young child who exhibited strong force potential. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi found the young boy on Tatooine, a slave of junk dealer Watto. They felt his force potential and, after Anakin won his freedom by winning a dangerous Pod Race, took him to the High Jedi Council. The Council felt the fear in him and would not train him in the Jedi ways, so Qui-Gon, known to rebel against the Council, decided to teach young Anakin himself. However, he soon was killed and Obi-Wan Kenobi was left to teach him.

Growing up, he married Queen Amidala and was one of the warriors in the Clone Wars. He soon became impatient with Obi-Wan's painstaking methods. Senator Palpatine, after sensing this, offered him a quicker way to power-that of the dark side. Obi-Wan, who sensed Skywalker's changes too late, tried to save his young friend, but the two Jedi ended up in a lightsaber duel. As a result of the battle, Anakin fell into a molten pit and was severely burned. He was fixed up, much of him becoming machine-which started the transformation from Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader, 12th Dark Lord of the Sith.

Though a Dark Lord, he let himself be ordered by Emperor Palpatine, who was more force-adept than he. One of his first missions was to exterminate ALL living Jedi who would not join the Emperor in his conquest. He searched the galaxy and hunted down most of them, striking fear into those who dare not offend him. Then the events of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi occurred. On the second Death Star, he fought his son, Luke Skywalker in an epic Jedi duel. At the end of the duel, Luke cut off Vader's hand. Since Luke would not finish off his incapacitated father, the Emperor decided to kill the young Jedi-slowly. Forced to watch the Emperor slowly kill his son, Vader transformed back into the man that once was Anakin Skywalker. With his last bit of strength, he picked up the Emperor and tossed him down the exhaust chute which lead into the main reactor core. However, as Vader was picking Palpatine's body up, he shot Force lightning into him, screwing up his mechanical parts. After he died, Luke saw the apparition of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Yoda at the Ewok celebration.


Another Palpatine CloneEmperor Palpatine Clone
On the planet Byss, the unthinkable was found: Emperor Palpatine revealed to be alive, reborn via an unholy joining of cloning and Dark Side sorcery.  Palpatine attempts to sway Luke to the Dark Side, offering him control of a new brand of weapon that strip a planet's resources and converts it into weaponry: the World Devastators.  Realizing he has no other choice, Luke allows himself to be corrupted, attempting to learn just why his father chose to do so, as well as to sabotage the Empire from within. The World Devastators, developed by the Death Star design team of Maw Installation, was being used on the planet Calamari, resulting in a fierce one-sided battle there.  Lando Calrissian destroys the World Devastators during the Battle of Calamari. Facing Palpatine as a Jedi Knight, Leia brings Luke back from the Dark Side. Uniting their power in the Force, Luke and Leia together destroy Palpatine and his flagship.


Another Palpatine CloneAnother Emperor Palatine Clone
Dark Jedi trained by Emperor Palpatine (led by DarkSide Executor Sedriss) begins "Operation Shadow Hand", the Emperor's master plan to retake the galaxy.  At the same time, Palpatine once again takes a new clone body.  The Republic Council decides the time has come for a direct assault on the Emperor's capitol on the planet Byss, over Luke Skywalker's strong objections.  They will use battle droids recently developed at Balmorra to stage a Trojan Horse style invasion led by Lando and Wedge.  This is when he develops the Galaxy Gun. The Rebels are flushed off Nespis VIII when the Galaxy Gun destroys it. With his last clone body rapidly aging due to the corruption of the Dark Side, genetic flaws and his extreme anger against the Skywalkers, Palpatine decides on a desperate last gambit.  He bends the Empire's resources to taking any of the three Solo children, in the hopes that the introduction of Jedi DNA into his system will invigorate him. He also has Chief Okko and most of the Ysanna race frozen in carbonite for experiments. Although Luke rescues the Ysanna prisoners, there is no way to free them from the slabs without killing them. The Solo family find themselves chased across the galaxy by Palpatine and his forces.  After a terrible last battle on Onderon (in which Rayf Brogan is killed), Han Solo kills Emperor Palpatine's body. Fearing that the Emperor's spirit would then jump into baby Anakin Solo's body, the dying King Empatojayos Brand claims Palpatine's spirit in his own body to prevent it from ever coming to life in another body again.  At the same time, the Galaxy Gun and the planet Byss are destroyed when the Eclipse II is reprogrammed and sent crashing into them.


Warlord Peters (Dark Lord of the Sith)

Canis Lupis (Dark Lord of the Sith)

Jeiss Fiesm (Dark Lord of the Sith)

Drake Bloodtalon (Sith Lord)

Jared Duras Santino (Sith Lord)

Nix (Sith Mage)

Sith Warship - Thanatos

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